November 13 & 14

CUHMA Annual Scientific Meeting Goes Virtual


CUHMA - Canadian Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Association

ACMHS - Association Canadienne de M├ędecine Hyperbare et Subaquatique

Who we are

CUHMA-ACMHS is the Canadian voice for the advancement of hyperbaric and diving medicine throughout our country and beyond.

Our activities include continuous medical education for physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and anyone involved in the fields of hyperbaric and diving medicine. We are also promoting dissemination of clinical research, publishing Position Statements, liaising with related professional associations and government agencies. Our main goal is advocating on behalf of our patients.

Our vision

To be the reference for the development and delivery of Hyperbaric and diving medicine in Canada and beyond.

Our mission

To promote excellence in Hyperbaric and diving medicine through leadership in education, promotion of best practices and advocacy for our patients.

Our values

Excellence, Leadership, Collaboration, Communication, Integrity.

Our logo

Our logo was designed to represent both the hyperbaric and diving medicine communities. The round shape is a symbol of unity, expressing that our association is open to everyone involved and interested in hyperbaric and diving medicine. The round shape also recalls the porthole of a hyperbaric chamber. The blue colour reflects the water associated with diving medicine, while the colour green reflects the colour most often associated with the drug oxygen used in hyperbaric medicine. The spirals in the outer circle symbolize the concept of angiogenesis, one of the most important therapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The caduceus identifies us as a medical association. Finally, the red maple leaf is a symbol that has proudly represented Canada internationally since the early 1700s.