CUHMA Awards History

CUHMA has three main awards. These awards were inaugurated in 2011 and 2012 when this organization was first formed as the Canadian Chapter of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society and are specifically for contributions in or to Canada. As a purely Canadian organization now, we want to recognize those working in and contributing to Canada in the fields of hyperbaric/diving medicine, safety, and research and science.

Awards need not be given out every year.

1.The Michael Lepawsky Award

Presented to a Physician demonstrating Leadership and Excellence in Hyperbaric Medicine in Canada.

Recipients of the award are:

2011 – Dr. Michael Lepawsky
2012 – Dr. Helge Koch
2013 – Dr. George Harpur
2014 – Dr. David Harrison


Ken LeDez, presenting the first Michael Lepawsky Award to Michael Lepawsky, October 20, 2011, with George Harpur and Ron Nishi

2.The James H. Wilson Award

For Outstanding Technical Contribution by an Associate Member

Recipients of the award are

2011 – Jim Wilson
2014 – Martin Necpal
2015 – Jocelyn Boisvert

The award may be given for contributions to hyperbaric and/or diving safety for a period of many years or for a single contribution of great importance.


Jim Wilson with the first James H. Wilson Award, with Ron Linden and Bill Bateman, October 15, 2011.

3.The Ron Nishi Award

For Outstanding Contribution to Research and Science related to Diving and Diving Safety.

Recipients of the award are:
2012 – Ron Nishi
2014 – Bruce Cameron


Ron Linden, presenting the first Ron Nishi Award to Ron Nishi, October 17, 2012

4.Special Recognition Awards

In addition to the three name awards, Special Recognition Awards are given out from time to time, primarily to recognize individuals who have made specific and noteworthy contributions to our organization, or to recognize or honour others who have made significant contributions to hyperbaric and/or diving medicine in Canada.

In the first category, Special Recognition Awards were given for the their special contributions to the formation of the Canadian Chapter of the UHMS and to CUHMA:

2012 – Ken LeDez, 1st President CC-UHMS, 2010-2012
2012 – Jocelyn Boisvert
2013 – Sherri Ferguson
2016 – Richard Johnson

In the second category, a Special Recognition Award was given in 2012 to Dr. Brian Egier, former Director of the Hyperbaric Unit at Hamilton Health Sciences.