Hôtel Dieu de Lévis Hyperbaric Unit


The Hyperbaric Medicine Department and Wound Care Clinic at the CHAU Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis Hospital has been open since 1999. Originally, the Department was operating a duoplace chamber and was able to administer 1500 treatments per year. In a short time the need to augment our ability to treat more indications and patients was necessary due to an increase in medical consultations. In 2005 the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services granted the project to build a new Hyperbaric Medicine Department and Wound Care Clinic. With this new project the need to acquire a new hyperbaric chamber was also mandatory in order to meet our requirement in treating more patients and also to reduce the waiting time to get treated.

The New Hyperbaric Medicine Department and Wound Care Clinic opened its doors in June 2013. The Department acquired a new state of the art rectangular triple lock hyperbaric chamber with a capacity of treating 18 patients with a pressure rating of 6 ATA. With the addition of this new hyperbaric chamber, the CHAU Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis became one of the most important hyperbaric facilities in Canada. The hyperbaric and wound care team is comprised of 7 Hyperbaric physicians, 2 Wound Care physicians, a team of hyperbaric technicians, clinical and administrative staff. The Hyperbaric department also has a Diving Emergency Hotline which responds to diving emergencies, consultations and queries. The Wound Care Clinic Department has 2 nurses and four examination rooms.

Since its opening, the new facility is now able to administer 3500 + treatments a year and has drastically decreased the wait time to get treated.

Photo Gallery

Some photos from this state-of-the-art facility.