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Canadian Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Association

COVID-19 STATEMENT – 1 May 2020

There have been recent news articles suggesting hyperbaric oxygen may be useful for the treatment of COVID-19, caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). There are several university-based hospitals conducting research ethics board-approved studies on the use of hyperbaric oxygen for COVID-19 under strict infection control with access to intensive care units. However, at this time there is no current scientific evidence that hyperbaric oxygen has beneficial effects on COVID patients.

Beware of any hyperbaric clinics promoting COVID-19 treatments or offering to ‘boost’ immunity to prevent infections with COVID-19. It is possible that some of these centres are not staffed with qualified healthcare personnel trained and equipped to provide safe hyperbaric treatment, and they may not employ strict infection controls required for best practice to reduce the risk for spread of disease, including COVID-19.

In addition, be extremely cautious of individuals or facilities promoting hyperbaric treatments for any condition not recognized by Health Canada, particularly those who provide hyperbaric oxygen in very low pressure portable hyperbaric chambers which are designed to treat altitude-related problems. Information from Health Canada regarding the safe use of hyperbaric oxygen is available at the following: